Top 10 Cement Companies in Finland

Top Cement Companies in Finland

Sr. No Cement Company Name
1 Peikko Group
2 Parma Oy
3 Saint – Gobain Finland Oy
4 Rudus
5 Hot Mix Oy Finland
6 Lujabetoni
8 Kalottikone
9 Varggropens Sand
10 Betroc Oy

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Top 10 Cement Companies in Finland with Revenues

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Sr. No Cement Company Name Revenue
1 Peikko Group $169.5M
2 Parma Oy $98.8M
3 Saint – Gobain Finland Oy $21.4M
4 Rudus $12.8M
5 Hot Mix Oy Finland $9.7M
6 Lujabetoni $6.8M
8 Kalottikone $6.5M
9 Varggropens Sand $6.3M
10 Betroc Oy $5.9M

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Top Cement Companies in Finland with Total Employees

Sr. No Cement Company Name Empolyees
1 Peikko Group 1.8K
2 Parma Oy 501
3 Saint – Gobain Finland Oy 108
4 Rudus 68
5 Hot Mix Oy Finland 21
6 Lujabetoni 36
8 Kalottikone 33
9 Varggropens Sand 28
10 Betroc Oy 32

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Top 10 Cement Companies in Finland

here, is a list of best cement companies in the world.

  • Peikko Group
  • Parma Oy
  • Saint – Gobain Finland Oy
  • Rudus
  • Hot Mix Oy Finland
  • Lujabetoni
  • Kalottikone
  • Varggropens Sand
  • Betroc Oy

1. Peikko Group

Peikko Group Corporation is a leading global supplier of slim floor structures, wind energy applications and connection technology for precast and cast-in-situ construction. Peikko’s innovative solutions offer a faster, safer, and more efficient way to design and build. Peikko is largest producer of cement in Finland.

Peikko has sales offices in over 30 countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and North America, with manufacturing operations in twelve countries. Peikko generated a turnover of EUR 239 million in 2020. Peikko is a family-owned and managed company that employs about 1,900 professionals. Peikko was founded in 1965 and is headquartered in Lahti, Finland.

Precasters, builders, constructors, developers, flooring specialists, machine manufacturers, power plant designers, architects, and structural designers – can all enjoy and take advantage of Peikko’s solutions.

Headquarters: Voimakatu 3, Lahti, Paijanne Tavastia, 15170, Finland
Employees: 1,800
Revenue: $169 Million
Phone: +358 20 707511

2. Parma Oy

Parma Oy is Finland’s largest manufacturer of precast concrete elements. We operate today in a total of 17 locations, including our subsidiary in Rajaville. We are a partner for construction professionals and a reliable element supplier for detached house builders. We belong to the international Consolis Group and employ more than 900 people.

We offer our customers lifecycle-friendly, cost-effective and concrete products as well as total solutions. We serve you from design to building handover.

Parma combines courage with new, creative solutions and a concrete practical approach to construction projects brought by experience. If it is possible to build a site from concrete elements, we have very likely already done so. We enjoy finding a solution that exceeds your expectations and feeling like you got value for your investment and top-notch service regardless of the size of your construction site.

Headquarters: Hiidenmäentie 20, Pl 76, Nummela, Uusimaa, 03101, Finland
Employees: 501
Revenue: $98 Million
Phone: +358 20 5775500

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3. Saint – Gobain Finland Oy

The Saint-Gobain Academy offers free in-service training for construction professionals. The spring course calendar has been published, register for popular courses!

Saint-Gobain designs, manufactures and supplies building materials, products and solutions that increase well-being in society; improving people’s daily quality of life and responding to the challenges of future generations by acting responsibly.

The Saint-Gobain Group operates in 67 countries around the world and employs more than 170,000 people. Saint-Gobain’s roots go back more than 350 years, to France and to 1665. Saint-Gobain is a pioneer in many industries, read more on the group’s website.

In Finland, we employ more than 1,200 professionals in their field in the building materials industry, as a producer of innovative materials and in the wholesale trade. Saint-Gobain has been operating in the Nordic and Baltic region for more than 50 years, and our Nordic organization employs more than 13,000 people.

Like the entire Saint-Gobain group, operations began with the manufacture of glass products, from which it gradually expanded to the manufacture and distribution of building materials. Over time, our product range has grown, and now we have more than 100 companies focusing on the manufacture of construction products and innovative materials, as well as the distribution of construction materials.

Saint-Gobain Finland Oy was founded in the spring of 2017, when five well-known product brands (Ecophon, Gyproc, ISOVER, PAM and Weber) were merged into one joint company. Saint-Gobain Finland Oy, together with its brands, employs more than 680 people in Finland.

Our turnover in 2017 was 214 MEUR. However, the history of our brands in Finland is long. The trusted construction brands Ecophon, Gyproc, Isover, Weber and PAM operate in Finland. You can read more about our thoughts on Saint-Gobain’s policy at the link below.

Headquarters: 2 Strömberginkuja, Helsinki, Uusimaa, 00380, Finland
Revenue: $21 Million

4. Rudus

Rudus Oy is a leading company manufacturing stone-based building materials. Rudus’ high-quality and sustainable products are included where a long-lasting and comfortable environment, houses and infrastructure are built responsibly.

Rudus serves both individual consumers and corporate customers. The builder gets everything he needs from Rudus under one roof: concretes, concrete products, aggregates and recycled products. Rudus also has recycling points that accept sorted batches of concrete and bricks of all sizes as well as clean surplus land.

Rudus operates extensively throughout Finland and has a comprehensive network of concrete batching plants, aggregate points and collection points for recyclable building materials.

Rudus considers occupational safety across the board in all industries. The company has been working for years to promote occupational safety in Rudus and the construction industry.

In 2012, Rudus launched the Rudus LUMO program, which aims to promote biodiversity in Rudus’ areas of operation. The work has already progressed in several different pilot sites and enthusiastic staff are developing enchantment operations at their own sites.

Rudus continuously trains its personnel and offers its personnel the opportunity to take care of their well-being and monitor their own health through the Rudus Fitness program.

Headquarters: 577 Ohikulkutie, Littoinen, Southwest Finland, 20660, Finland
Employees: 68
Revenue: $12 Million
Phone: +358 20 4476200

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5. Hot Mix Oy Finland

Hot Mix Oy Finland is a Finnish family company in the field of road marking.

The company has extensive experience in road marking contracting and the manufacture of road marking materials.

We serve the private and public sectors with professionalism, respecting customer requirements. The work is carried out flexibly for all sites with the best equipment in the industry and by motivated personnel.

Our equipment meets today’s requirements in terms of both occupational safety and environmental requirements. Our road marking machine represents the latest technology that enables us to guarantee cost-effective and high-quality operations.

In addition to the state and municipalities, our customers are infrastructure operators and others responsible for the maintenance of traffic areas, e.g. property maintenance companies.

Please get in touch if you need our services. You can get help from us if necessary on a very fast schedule!

Our goal is to improve occupational and traffic safety by utilizing the latest technology in our equipment and operating methods. We are constantly developing new marking technologies and materials to improve road user safety.

Headquarters: Kisällintie 3, Tarvasjoki, Southwest Finland, 21450, Finland
Employees: 21
Revenue: $9 Million
Phone: +358 40 7253624

6. Lujabetoni

Lujabetoni is the leading company in concrete business in Finland.

Lujabetoni was founded more than 65 year ago and today it is run by the third generation of the very same family. Our annual turnover is over 180 million euros and we employ over 800 professionals in concrete. We are present in Finland, Sweden, and Russia with over 31 factories.

Our goal is to be the natural partner for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the Greater Stockholm area.

We are the small company with extensive experience in concrete that can offer a close relationship with our customers and an efficient service in concrete matters.

Our services are delivered with the small company’s flexibility and we can stay at the forefront of product development with the support of the parent group in Finland, Lujabetoni OY.

With our knowledge of different concrete qualities, we help our customers achieve the best end results in their construction projects.

Our company strives to take responsibility for the built environment. We continuously focus on the environmental consequences of our operations and the products we produce by, among other things, minimizing the energy used at our concrete factories as well as emissions and waste. We also deliver with our own concrete cars that run on HVO fuel.


Headquarters: 8 Teollisuustie, Taavetti, South Karelia, 54500, Finland
Employees: 36
Revenue: $6 Million
Phone: +358 20 7895559

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7. Pielisen Betoni

Pielinen Betoni is built on a solid foundation for a family business. Esko Kolehmainen started doing business in Juuka five decades ago, and today Pielinen Betoni is one of Finland’s largest manufacturers of precast concrete elements. Growth and success are the result of a strong family business culture where sustainable customer relationships are a priority.

Pielinen Beton’s strength is its professional and committed personnel, which makes the company known for its good quality and delivery reliability.

Pielisen Betoni is known for its good quality and delivery reliability. Our principle is to implement from the beginning to the end a planned and high-quality total solution that includes all products and services. The goals defined together with the customer ensure an excellent end result.

Quality management is an essential and continuous part of our production and development work.

Monitoring and knowledge of legislation, standards and guidelines are the basis of everything we do. In addition, the development of concrete technology and production methods and continuous training complement our solid know-how and experience.

Headquarters: Tehdaskatu 43, Kuopio, Northern Savo, 70620, Finland
Employees: 36
Revenue: $6 Million
Phone: +358 40 3400140

8. Kalottikone

Kalottikone Oy offers full service engineering expertise for the needs of different industries. 35 years of experience in mechanical engineering, up-to-date production equipment and staff skills are a guarantee of quality. Kalottikone Oy manufactures products either according to our customers’ manufacturing pictures, but can also offer a design service to support manufacturing.

In addition to ISO9001 practices, our manufacturing quality is guided by the certified quality standard EN 1090-1; European standard for the manufacture of structural welded steel assemblies.

In Kalottikone Oy’s production, it is possible to manufacture products from light sheet metal parts to heavy mining and process industry entities.

Kalottikone Oy’s workshop services in brief:

  • Production space 7000m 2 ,
  • Control crane 2 x 10 tn, 1 x 20tn,
  • NC and manual machining,
  • Plasma cutting up to 50 mm,
  • Edging, mangling,
  • Bend,
  • Sahaus,
  • Plate cutting,
  • TIG, MIG, MAG Welding Services,
  • Steel blasting
  • Epoxy, urethane, and wet painting,
  • Assembly and mechanical engineering.

Headquarters: Ahjotie 21-23, Rovaniemi, Lapland, 96300, Finland
Employees: 33
Revenue: $6 Million
Phone: +358 40 0230022

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9. Varggropens Sand

Varggropens Sand Ab is a family company with 50 years of experience that produces, sells and distributes rock and gravel materials to various construction companies and to private individuals.

The Åland red granite, the so-called rapakivi granite, lights up the winding gravel roads and the paved roads with their wonderful color.

Most of our customers are on Åland, but our gravel is also sought after outside Åland. For us, no order is too small or too large, but all customers must have the same service and be treated in the best possible way.

Our business is characterized by environmental care. Our work / assignments / machines and facilities use modern technology for more environmentally friendly handling and work in our business.

We manufacture, sell and deliver various types of crushed gravel, fillers and sand. If possible, we also manufacture other varieties according to the customer’s wishes.

We also sell fine sand in small quantities, which is used for sandpits and beaches. Other products include: Dressing sand, various fillers, drainage sand, natural gravel.

Headquarters: Finland
Employees: 28
Revenue: $6 Million

10. Betroc Oy

Betroc Oy has based its foundation on concrete since 1955. The company operated under the name of Sodankylä Cement Foundry until 2003. At that time, with the growth and internationalization, the name of the company was changed to Betroc Oy.

We manufacture concrete elements for building and civil engineering needs and supply ready-mixed concrete.

Our company is involved in building a sustainable, comfortable and safe living environment thoroughly from concrete. Our operations are based on long-term and confidential cooperation with various stakeholders.

Our core values are the high quality of our operations, service and delivery reliability, as well as responsibility for our personnel, partners and the environment.

Betroc Oy is a member of Rakennusteollisuus RT ry and is part of Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy’s quality control. The concrete products we manufacture have been granted the CE marking right. The company was awarded the Lapland Regional Entrepreneur Award in 1995 and the Sodankylä Municipality Entrepreneur Award in 1979.

Väinö Ahopello, originally from Pimp, became familiar with the landscapes of the north during the wars, when he was a pioneer in Lapland clearing mines.

Immediately after the wars, Väinö moved to Sodankylä, and founded a shoemaker’s workshop with his brother. In Sodankylä, Väinö managed to find Tyne, who had left Kinnula north for work as well. Väinö and Tyyne got married in 1948 and had 4 children.

As industrial shoes became more common, Väinö switched to road construction. The idea of setting up their own cement foundry arose among them; Lapland was rebuilt and required various concrete products. Väinö founded his own company in 1955 under the name Sementtivalimo V. Ahopelto.

The work at the time was largely done by hand. In the early days, operations were hampered by a shortage of raw materials, electricity regulation and a general strike. The first years require courage and faith in the future, as well as hard work.

Headquarters: Finland
Employees: 32
Revenue: $5 Million

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