Top 10 Cement Companies in Netherland

List of Top 20 Cement Companies in Netherland

Sr. No. Cement Company Name
1 Sallcon
2 BTE Nederland
3 Mignot & de Block
4 Geelen Beton
5 Byldis
6 Bruil
7 Schoonmaakbedrijf Jansen-Hubers
8 Van Nieuwpoort Groep
9 Theo Pouw
10 Mebin
11 MBI Beton
12 Agar Holding BV
13 De Nederlandse Zuivel Organisatie
14 Dycore
15 IJB Groep
16 Terwa
17 BetonBouwService De Hoop
18 Tennispark Walenburg
19 De Vries Werkendam
20 A&T Prefab

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Cement Companies in Netherland with Revenue

Sr. No. Cement Company Name Revenue
1 Sallcon $273.2M
2 BTE Nederland $188.2M
3 Mignot & de Block $141.5M
4 Geelen Beton $84.2M
5 Byldis $78.1M
6 Bruil $76.1M
7 Schoonmaakbedrijf Jansen-Hubers $62.2M
8 Van Nieuwpoort Groep $58.4M
9 Theo Pouw $57.4M
10 Mebin $56.5M
11 MBI Beton $54.7M
12 Agar Holding BV $54.4M
13 De Nederlandse Zuivel Organisatie $48.2M
14 Dycore $45M
15 IJB Groep $41.4M
16 Terwa $38.4M
17 BetonBouwService De Hoop $35.5M
18 Tennispark Walenburg $29.9M
19 De Vries Werkendam $26.1M
20 A&T Prefab $24.6M

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Top 10 Cement Companies in Netherland with Revenue

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Sr. No. Cement Company Name Revenue
1 Sallcon $273.2M
2 BTE Nederland $188.2M
3 Mignot & de Block $141.5M
4 Geelen Beton $84.2M
5 Byldis $78.1M
6 Bruil $76.1M
7 Schoonmaakbedrijf Jansen-Hubers $62.2M
8 Van Nieuwpoort Groep $58.4M
9 Theo Pouw $57.4M
10 Mebin $56.5M

List of Cement Companies in Netherland with Employees

Sr. No. Cement Company Name Employees
1 Sallcon 1500
2 BTE Nederland 802
3 Mignot & de Block 726
4 Geelen Beton 363
5 Byldis 338
6 Bruil 378
7 Schoonmaakbedrijf Jansen-Hubers 319
8 Van Nieuwpoort Groep 295
9 Theo Pouw 284
10 Mebin 292
11 MBI Beton 280
12 Agar Holding BV 248
13 De Nederlandse Zuivel Organisatie 253
14 Dycore 224
15 IJB Groep 36
16 Terwa 195
17 BetonBouwService De Hoop 158
18 Tennispark Walenburg 135
19 De Vries Werkendam 113
20 A&T Prefab 126

Cement Plants in Netherland

Sr. No. Group Name Company Name
1 HeidelbergCement AG Ecocem Benelux BV
2 Ecocem Ireland Ltd. ENCI B.V.

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Best Cement Manufacturer in Netherland

Here, is a list of Best Cement Company in the Netherland.

Sr. No Best Brands of Cement Company Rating As Per Revenue
1 Sallcon 1.00 ⭐
2 BTE Nederland 2.00 ⭐
3 Mignot & de Block 3.00 ⭐
4 Geelen Beton 4.00 ⭐
5 Byldis 5.00 ⭐
6 Bruil 6.00 ⭐
7 Schoonmaakbedrijf Jansen-Hubers 7.00 ⭐
8 Van Nieuwpoort Groep 8.00 ⭐
9 Theo Pouw 9.00⭐
10 Mebin 10.00 ⭐

Top 10 Cement Companies in Netherland

  • Sallon
  • BTE Nederland
  • Mignot & de Block
  • Geelen Beton
  • Byldis
  • Bruil
  • Schoonmaakbedrijf Jansen-Hubers
  • Van Nieuwpoort Groep
  • Theo Pouw
  • Mebin

1. Sallon

Sallcon stands for sustainable entrepreneurship with head and heart. Sustainable craftsmanship is central to us, manufactured by professionals with a distance to work in a protected environment.

What will be different is that, together with Deventer Werktalent, we will continue as Werkleerbedrijf KonnecteD from 2021. Both of these business units were already part of KonnecteD, but are now also called that.

The sheltered employment facility was a place where people could remain employed for a long time. That sometimes works differently in the new work-training company.

The focus is now on employee development. The craftsmanship remains, with the aim of ultimately giving these professionals a place in the regular labor market.

Headquarters Schonenvaardersstrat 9, Deventer, Overijssel, Netherlands
Phone 31570679500
Employees 1456
Revenue $273 Million

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2. BTE Nederland

The BTE Group (Construction Subcontracting Industry Europe) consists of eight precast concrete companies and one concrete technology centre, each with its own specialism(s).

Thanks to this diversity, BTE is active in 95% of all construction sectors in Western Europe. We call that the power of the combination. But that power encompasses more.

In fact, it’s the engine. Through mutual inspiration, knowledge development and sharing of new insights – call it cross-pollination – we have proved successful with our clients, including large and small market parties.

BTE therefore continues to respond proactively to the constantly changing economic, social and social needs arising from the market.

BTE makes its choices in a well-considered manner and with respect for People and Planet. Profit is of course essential for the continuity of the company.

We are critical of ourselves and our environment in our business operations. We strive to have safety and sustainability reflected in each of our business units, whether it’s production, raw material extraction, HRM policy or logistics.

In short, caring for people and the environment is very important at BTE. The correct service of our clients, in every respect, is the starting point of BTE.

After all, they give us their trust and thus our right to exist. They are also part of the strength of the combination.

These eight companies focus on the production of prefabricated concrete products, such as balconies, piles, bridges and sewer systems.

Through powerful, leading brands, such as: Romein Beton, Kemper, De Hamer, Lodewikus, De Meteoor Rail, Stelcon, Steenhuis Beton and Vebo Beton &Staal, the BTE Group plays a significant role within the construction market.

The BTE Group employs more than 800 people, spread over different locations. The BTE Group is part of the Adriaan van Erk Group.

Headquarters Dalwagen 55, Dodewaard, Gelderland, 6669, Netherlands
Phone 31 488 417 191
Employees 802
Revenue $188 Million

3. Mignot & de Block

Dedicated to quality, committed to every detail and determined to create the best. That is why experts do not compromise.

We are a Dutch brand with one singular focus: making the perfect papers for people to create their own enjoyment. No compromises.

After 160 years, we feel that we just about perfected the art. We know rolling papers like none other.

From our slow burning light weight papers to our signature magnetic closure booklets, we bring quality and add value to the rolling experience.

Mascotte rolls better, sticks better, burns better. Mascotte is always 3xbetter. Experts recognise and share our dedication to quality.

They understand that rolling papers are a crucial part of their experience and hate to compromise. So they consistently use our rolling papers. You will recognise the expert when you see Mascotte.

Headquarters Jan Smitzlaan 11, Eindhoven, North Brabant, Netherlands
Phone +31 40 211 3627
Employees 726
Revenue $141 Million

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4. Geelen Beton

We believe in our people and in our products. Investing in this combination makes us strong and ensures capacity.

We don’t simply pour concrete, but build long-term working relationships and strong partnerships with industry partners.

In 1923, the foundation for the company and the first concrete products was laid by the Geelen family in Posterholt, Limburg.

Started with manual labour, grown to mechanization in the 1950s and under the leadership of the current owner Gène Geelen made the development towards innovation, sustainability and robotization.

With the knowledge, skills and urge to innovate of his ancestors, he decided to expand further in 1987 by purchasing the Encko concrete factory in Wanssum.

Both locations are now characterized by high-tech concrete solutions and a loyal group of +/- 300 employees.

A solid and robust basis, which has resulted in a continuous growth of the company over the past 25 years in the field of wide slab floors, rib floors, building elements and hulls. Quality and reliability are central, we will not settle for less.

Wanting to do better together in all areas, the courage to invest in people and innovation are one of the most important success factors of the family business.

We remain sober and down to earth, but we dare to say that we follow and make the most complex high-tech construction developments.

The construction world has changed at a rapid pace, everything has to be faster and more efficient and projects are also becoming more complex and diverse.

The strength of Geelen Beton is that we strongly connect the knowledge of the two production locations, so that we can accept, draw as well as carry out all customer questions.

Headquarters Heerbaan 58 6061 EE, Posterholt, Limburg, 6061, Netherlands
Phone +31 475 401 420
Employees 363
Revenue $84 Million

5. Byldis

Byldis is transforming the construction industry as market leader in integral assembly solutions within the European medium and high-rise segment.

We do this with more than 50 years of experience in engineering, precast concrete and façade technology.

Together with more than 300 skilled colleagues, we work extremely innovative and sustainable building concepts.

From application and design to prefabrication and assembly in one of our factories, followed by assembly on the construction site.

We used to be Hurks building components and engineering. But our groundbreaking vision demanded more. And so we separated ourselves from construction group Hurks Groep.

Since 2018, We are the market leader in integral assembly solutions for the mid- and high-rise buildings in Northwest Europe.

And we do this with a proud company full of innovators and change agents. Handy thinkers and smart doers. Engineers and façade builders.

Constructive designers who focus on the smallest details. Professionals with more than 50 years of experience in engineering, precast concrete and façade technology.

Because we are convinced that it can be better, we change the construction world from within. Day in, day out.

Headquarters Locht 126, Veldhoven, North Brabant, Netherlands
Phone +31 88 134 5000
Employees 338
Revenue $78 Million

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6. Bruil

In every construction phase, from design to finishing, you have an innovative and experienced partner. Whether it concerns residential or non-residential construction.

We supply a total package of concrete mortar, dry mortar and (architectural) precast concrete.

In addition, we are successful as a supplier in the finishing market under the brand name Coba. Finally, as a developing builder, we give shape to new building concepts, which we test and perfect in practice.

Innovative and responsible building is a matter of course for us. We see innovative building as demand-oriented thinking, sustainable construction and at the same time reducing costs. We can’t do it alone.

We are therefore actively looking for smart forms of cooperation with a cross-project character, because real improvements do not take place in but between organizations.

We have been safeguarding our independence for 110 years. We are proud of our independent position as a fourth generation family business.

From our history we share strong emotional values. The name Bruil is synonymous with Dutch sobriety. We are doers with a goal-oriented and flexible attitude.

Aware of the fact that we have our company on loan for the next generation. This is reflected in a healthy focus on continuity and our need to enter into long-term relationships with employees and clients.

Headquarters Keesomstraat 9, Ede, Gelderland, Netherlands
Phone +31 88 811 8750
Employees 378
Revenue $76 Million

7. Schoonmaakbedrijf Jansen-Hubers

Jansen-Hubers has a long tradition in cleaning maintenance. The company was founded in 1970 by Cor Jansen and Bertus Hubers.

The current director is also called Cor Jansen and is the son of the eponymous founder. He joined the company in 1996 and took over in the following years.

Under his leadership, Jansen-Hubers has developed from a local to a strong regional partner in the east and central Gelderland region.

When it comes to cleaning maintenance, we set the bar high. Our 250 employees are professional and professional. And that’s reflected in the quality of their work. The secret? We invest a lot in the training of our employees.

In addition, you will recognize Jansen-Hubers as a no-nonsense family business. Our involvement is evident from the often years of relationships with our customers.

Headquarters Innovatieweg 7, Doetinchem, Gelderland, Netherlands
Phone +31 314 651 371
Employees 319
Revenue $62 Million

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8. Van Nieuwpoort Groep

Van Nieuwpoort consists of a chain of companies that supplies building materials and products.

From sand, gravel to concrete floors and EPS (Styrofoam) for insulation and foundation. We mine raw materials and transport them via ships and trucks to construction sites.

But also to our own companies that use the raw materials to make concrete mixtures or concrete floors.

We apply precast produced concrete floors in small and large-scale new construction projects (residential construction, utility and infrastructure projects).

The floors can also be used sustainably recycled EPS or used for insulation or foundation.Van Nieuwpoort exists no less than 115 years.

In more than 100 years, our company has developed further and further within the production chain. Briefly our history in five distinctive episodes.

  • 1905 – The Van Nieuwpoort Group actually saw the light of day on 23 May 1905. Gerrit Jan van Nieuwpoort dumped his first wheelbarrow with rubble in a well he purchased on the ‘Hoge Brug’ in the municipality of Lange Ruige Weide, 15 kilometres east of Gouda. With the arrival of sons Gerard and Frans Daniël, his fuel and forage trade is expanded with gravel, sand, rubble and cabbage ash. The company moved to Gouda in 1923.
  • 1977 -In 1977, Van Nieuwpoort took over the trading companies Van der Maas and De Kempen, Eindhoven. Zand- en Grindhandel N. Keijzer and Van Baarsen-Bastiaanse also followed in the eighties.
  • 2000 – Conovation, specialist in fillers and excipients, joined the group.
  • 2005 – The various trading companies were merged into two offices in Gouda and Brussels. For the Netherlands, van Nieuwpoort Grint en Zand is directed. In Belgium, the building raw materials are distributed by trading company De Prins.
  • 2008 – The Van Nieuwpoort Group strengthened its sustainable position by acquiring the recycler and producer of EPS, Oosterbeek EPS from Goor. At that time, this company is an important supplier of insulation material for insulated system floors. The acquisition of this unique recycling company fits in perfectly with GROUP’s CSR strategy.
  • 2020 – Since its foundation, van Nieuwpoort’s history has been accompanied by participations in various companies, acquisitions, and collaborations. 115 years later, Van Nieuwpoort is active in area development and the production and supply of building materials, concrete mortar and concrete and EPS products.

The company has several modern production locations, quarries, depots and locations in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

The now fourth generation of the family business is at home in the chain with all these activities.

Headquarters Meridiaan 2, Gouda, South Holland, Netherlands
Phone +31 182 597 444
Employees 295
Revenue $58 Million

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9. Theo Pouw

For forty years, this family business has been a leader in civil engineering and concrete construction.

The Theo Pouw Groep is a one stop shop with products and services for the building industry.

From primary and secondary building materials to container transport, from crane rental to demolition work and from earthworks to soil remediation.

The Theo Pouw Groep currently has 12 branches and more than 530 employees and is led by founder Theo Pouw and his son Alexander Pouw.

On 1 January 1981, Theo Pouw begins a storage and transshipment company of raw materials with five trucks and eight employees Based on the conviction that building materials can be infinitely reused, Theo Pouw begins recycling activities in 1988.

In 1993, the company was expanded with concrete production, soil remediation and mobile crushing. Since then, the trucks are also maintained in our own garage.

At the 25 year anniversary in 2006, the son Alexander Pouw joins the management. In 2008, the thermal cleaner starts in Eemshaven.

In 2018, the Theo Pouw Groep opens two sustainable concrete plants in Almere and Groningen.

Headquarters Isotopenweg 29, Utrecht, Utrecht, 3542, Netherlands
Phone +31 30 242 5262
Employees 284
Revenue $57 Million

10. Mebin

Mebin is a subsidiary of the HeidelbergCement Group, the worldwide market leader in sand and gravel and one of the largest producers of cement and ready-to-pour concrete.

At the 25 year anniversary in 2006, the son Alexander Pouw joins the management. In 2008, the thermal cleaner starts in Eemshaven.

The HeidelbergCement group is also present on the Dutch market through ENCI (cement) ad Sagrex (aggregates).

Mebin is the market leader in concrete in terms of volume, product range and concrete knowledge.

The main activities of the group consist of the sale, production and transport of concrete mortar on the Dutch market.

In addition, Mebin gives specialist advice to both direct customers and third parties about the composition and processing of concrete, the application possibilities of concrete and about the use of other cementitious species.

Mebin was founded in 1956 and is part of the HeidelbergCement Group.

This group of 58,000 employees worldwide is the market leader in aggregates and a prominent player in the field of cement, concrete and related activities.

The focus is on Europe and North America. In addition, the group is active in Africa and the Far East.

The organization of Mebin is aimed at the greatest possible decentralization in order to be as close as possible to the customer.

Mebin has about thirty modern power stations of its own throughout the country.

Approximately 270 truck mixers and 20 pump mixers are available for the transport of the concrete mortar. Transport and logistics are core tasks of every Mebin plant.

Mebin can deliver in any quantity, at the desired time, at the desired pace and in the desired way. The transport capacity of the truck mixers varies from 9 m³ to 13.5 m³.

Headquarters Pettelaarpark 30, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, North Brabant, Netherlands
Phone +31 73 206 6000
Employees 292
Revenue $56 Million

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