Top 10 Cement Companies in Saudi Arabia

List of Cement Factory in Saudi Arabia in 2021

Sr. No. Cement Company Name No. of Cement Factory
1 Southern Province Cement 3
2 Saudi Cement 2
3 Najran Cement 2
4 Yanbu Cement 1
5 Arabian Cement 1
6 Qassim Cement 1
7 Al Safwa Cement 1
8 Saudi White Cement 1
9 City Cement 1
10 Eastern Province Cement 1
11 Al Jouf Cement 1
12 Tabuk Cement 1
13 Northern Region Cement 1
14 Umm Al Qura Cement 1
15 United Cement 1
16 Hail Cement 1
17 Al Gharibah Cement 1

Top 5 Cement Manufacturers in Saudi Arabia As per Market Value ($ Billion)

Chart by Visualizer
Sr. No. Cement Company Name Market Value ($ Billion)
1 Saudi Cement $ 3.9
2 Southern Cement $ 3.7
3 Yamama Saudi Cement Company $ 2.6
4 Yanbu Cement $ 2.2
5 Arabia cement $ 1.1

Top 5 Cement Companies in Saudi Arabia As per Revenues ($ Billion)

Chart by Visualizer
Sr. No. Cement Company Name Revenue ($ Billion)
1 Saudi Cement 0.587
2 Southern Cement 0.481
3 Yamama Saudi Cement Company 0.420
4 Yanbu Cement 0.399
5 Arabia cement 0.365

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Top 10 Cement Companies in Saudi Arabia of No. of Plants

Sr. No. Cement Company Name No. of Plants
1 Southern Province Cement 3
2 Saudi Cement 3
3 Najran Cement 2
4 Saudi White Cement 2
5 Eastern Province Cement 2
6 Tabuk Cement 1
7 Northern Region Cement 2
8 Umm Al Qura Cement 1
9 Hail Cement 1
10 El-Khayyat Holding 1

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Best Cement Companies in Saudi Arabia

Here, is a list of Best Cement Company in Saudi Arabia.

Sr. No Best Brands of Cement Company Rating As Per Revenue
1 Saudi Cement 1.00 ⭐
2 Southern Cement 2.00 ⭐
3 Yamama Saudi Cement Company 3.00 ⭐
4 Yanbu Cement 4.00 ⭐
5 Arabia cement 5.00 ⭐

Top 10 Cement Companies of Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Cement
  • Southern Cement
  • Yamama Saudi Cement 
  • Yanbu Cement
  • Arabia cement
  • Al Rashed Cement
  • AlSafwa Cement 
  • Eastern Province Cement
  • City Cement
  • Qassim Cement

1. Saudi Cement

A regional pioneer in the manufacture and supply of high quality clinker and cement, Saudi Cement forms a vital link in the industry’s supply chain, having supported many construction projects in the Middle East for more than half a century.

Strategically located in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, an area rich in high-grade raw materials, Saudi Cement is the leader in the Saudi cement industry in terms of efficiency, quality and profitability.

Since its establishment in 1955, this joint stock company has been enjoying consistent capacity expansions and profitability.

In 2008, Saudi Cement achieved one of the most important milestones in its history with the installation of two new production lines with a combined capacity of 24,000 tons of clinker per day.

This expansion, widely considered to be the world’s largest at that time, increased Saudi Cement’s available capacity to an average of 8 million tons of clinker per year, elevating the Saudi cement industry pioneer to a unique position in terms of economies of scale and production efficiency.

Saudi Cement is one of Saudi Arabia’s and the GCC’s most trusted companies. End-users and contractors rely on Saudi Cement’s consistency and quality, utilizing its products for major highways, bridges, airports, seaports, railways, metros, and numerous housing and commercial projects.


  • Cement Clinker
  • Sulfate Resistant Cement (SRC, Type V):
    Complies to ASTM C-150
  • Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC, Type I):
    Complies to ASTM C-150

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2. Southern Cement

The cement of the southern region was established in accordance with the provisions of the current saudi corporate system as a saudi joint stock company on april 27, 1399, specializing in the manufacture and production of cement and its derivatives and its aftermath, and the capital paid after raising (1400,000,000) riyals.

The cement of the southern region is one of the largest cement companies in the middle east, where it has a number of (3) factories in both jazan and asir region and mecca region and a production capacity estimated at (32,000) tons of klinker per day, and the grinding capacity is estimated at about (40,000) tons of cement per day.

The southern mtcah cement has been awarded the king’s award for the perfect factory twice, the first in 1405ah (1985),the second in 1414ah (1994)and the company received the first place for safety, in the competition of the saudi house of advisory services.

The management of the company spares no effort in cooperation with other national companies and factories, it exchanges visits and invites to visit its factories, participates in courses organized by the chambers of commerce, the arab federation of cement and building materials, and international conferences specialized in the cement industry, and shows its constant willingness to cooperate with national companies others also prefer national products to meet their needs.

Since its founding, southern region cement has been localizing its functions and has established training centers within its factories to train and train saudi youth, and believing in the management of the company and follow-up from its board of directors the need to keep up with the company to see the kingdom 2030, it has begun to implement its programs to raise the percentage of saudization in all its functions at all levels as well as raise production and operational efficiency to keep pace with efficiency requirements.


  • Ordinary Portland Cement
  • Sulphate Resistant Cement

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3. Yamama Saudi Cement 

The name of the saudi yamama cement was derived from the yamama region, a famous historical place in the central region of saudi arabia.

He founded the yamama cement company, prince mohammed bin saud al-kabir, in 1956 with the aim of making and trading cement, based in riyadh.

Al yamama cement is a public joint stock company, the oldest cement company in the central region and the third of its kind in the kingdom.

The company’s paid-up capital currently stands at sar 2,025,000,000, two billion and twenty-five million saudi riyals.

It has been nearly half a century since the establishment of the saudi yamama cement company, and the company continues to be at the forefront among the major national companies, and its successes are enhanced day by day, thanks to its acquisition of the investment opportunities and climate that it has ensured by creating and developing the rational policies of the state.

From the very beginning of the saudi yamama cement company and the launch of its activities in the world of cement industry, it has been a leading company.


  • Resistant cement
  • Moderate salt-resistant cement
  • Normal cement
  • Cement finishes

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4. Yanbu Cement

yanbu cement is currently pursuing its industrial career by adopting global best practices in line with saudi arabia’s economic vision (2030) and benefiting from the national transformation program (2020), which the company was able to do during 2016-201 7 increase its clinker production capacity by 16% to 28,000 tons per day and increase delivery by 45% to nearly 40,000 tons per day while ensuring the highest quality.

The company’s outstanding environmental protection initiative by establishing a power plant by exploiting the heat generated by production lines will have a significant impact on reducing carbon emissions by more than 100,000 tons per year and generating nearly 34 megawatts of clean energy, the largest of its kind for the production of electricity in cement plants globally.

our vision and mission motivate us to achieve greater efficiency in operations management and sustain improving the work environment to empower national cadres and support the social role of the company.


  • Ordinary Portland Cement (42.5 R)

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5. Arabia cement

Arabian Cement Company (ACC) is a fully integrated cement plant and a leading cement producer and seller in Egypt.

The company was founded in 1997, and among the leading cement producers in Egypt.

An Egyptian company dedicated to serving our customers and spare no effort in implementing the latest technologies for operations.

ACC’s two production lines are located in Suez Governorate, and produces an average of five million tons of first quality clinker and cement annually – approximately 6% of Egypt’s nominal production capacity.

The company is listed in EGX since May 2014.

Over the years, ACC has achieved successfully a remarkable reputation in the Egyptian local market as well as worldwide where ACC’s products of Ordinary Portland Cement 42.5 N (OPC) and the Sulfate Resistant Cement (SRC) along with its high quality of Clinker has been exported to several countries among 4 continents.

ACC achieved and maintained several certifications listed as follows:

  • Quality Management System
  • Occupational Health And Safety Management System
  • Environmental Management System
  • Energy Management System
  • Conformité Européenne
  • Normes Fréquence



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6. Al Rashed Cement

Al Rashed Cement Company was established in 1972. Our history is closely linked to the growth and development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Al Rashed Cement is Saudi Arabia’s largest preferred supplier of cement (grey & white), cementitious/additive materials, construction materials and building products.

We deliver a high level of assurance to our customers, greater financial performance for suppliers and a prosperous future to our staff who continue to help us play a larger role in the community.

Rashed Abdul Rahman Al Rashed & Sons Group is a dynamic, leading conglomerate of Saudi Arabia.

For more than five decades the group has been instrumental in the development of the Saudi Arabian infrastructure.

Today, it continues to contribute the growth and prosperity of the Saudi Arabian Nation.

The group operates in seven business areas, namely Building Materials, Cement & Bulk Materials, Finishing Materials, Contracting, Industrial Products, Automotive Products, and Food Products.

The group prides itself not only in delivering products and services of the highest quality and standards, but also ensures the utmost integrity with everyone that we deal with.


  • Grey Cement
  • White Cement
  • Aggregate
  • Silica Sand
  • Feldspar
  • Natural Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3)
  • Concrete Pipeline & Accessories

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7. AlSafwa Cement 

AlSafwa Cement Company was established in the western region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2007 in Jeddah by Al-Khayat Group, the pioneers in the field of building materials with the participation of Lafarge Group as a foreign partner.

In February 2012 the company was strengthened through the participation of the government sector by 50% represented by the General Pension Agency and the General Organization for Social Insurance.

In mid of 2016, Al Safwa Cement Company officially became a 100% national company through the acquisition of Khayyat Group to Lafarge Company shares.

Our Vision and value

To be the best in class cement supplier in its market, recognized by our customers care as the premier choice for our services, values, innovation, quality, and staff and becoming an efficient energy green solution provider, especially for our commitment to safety, community and to people development with focusing on Saudization.


  • PRECASTO 52.5R

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8. Eastern Province Cement

The Eastern Province Cement Company was established by the Royal Decree No. M/11 dated 14/03/1402 H.

The Paid up Capital is SR 860 Million consisting of 86,000,000 shares owned by Citizens and official.

The company is founded mainly to produce different kinds of Clinker and Cement to cater the need of local and Gulf market.

Proximity to Minerals companies of “Maaden” in Ras Al Khair & Petrochemical companies of Royal Commission in Jubail  (60 Km) gives our plant  better  chances for joint cooperation  and use of some of their byproducts as a cement additives resulting in reduction of cost.

Jubail Industrial Port (70kms)  avails the company an easy access to the outside world and creation of prosperous commercial relations with various  world countries.

The main raw material for the cement plant is Limestone. Eastern Cement factory is located adjacent to rich lime stone area with its captive Limestone mines.

Since Cement Plants are considered as “Energy Guzzlers”, Thermal Energy is obtained from Berri Gas plant which is in the vicinity of the factory and Electrical Energy from National Power Grid. Many other Gas plants are located close to the factory such as wasit gas plant, etc


  • Ordinary Portland Cement
  • Sulphate Resistant Cement
  • Finishing Cement

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9. City Cement

Given the urban renaissance and the economic growth witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in recent years – which the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques has given his full support and attention to a group of businessmen from the industrial sector, armed with their expertise and high efficiency in both trade and industrial fields, joined forces to establish a company and a factory using state of the art technology and know-how.

The first result of these efforts culminated in the emerging company obtaining a mining permit, for high-quality raw materials.

The company entered into contracts with international companies to build and equip its factory with the most up-to-date efficient and best quality equipment.

To actively participate in realizing Kingdom’s 2030 by reducing dependency on fossil fuel, protecting the environment and develop Saudi human capital to produce best quality cement.


  • Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC/Type I)
  • Sulphate Resistant Cement (SRC/Type V)

10. Qassim Cement

Qassim Cement Company is a Saudi Joint Stock company, established in accordance with the Royal Decree No. M/62 on 15 Shaban, 1396H.

(August 11, 1976) and registered in Buraydah City under commercial registration number 1131001224 on 28 Shaban, 1398 (August 2, 1978).

The principle activity is to manufacture and sell cement and its related products and perform all related works, directly or indirectly, to achieve those purposes.

Qassim Cement Company shares are listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange – TADAWUL under the symbol 3040.

The Company’s authorized capital is SAR 900 million fully paid – divided into 90 million


  • Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC/Type I)
  • Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)
  • Sulphate Resistant Cement (SRC/Type V)
  • Limestone Cement – Finishing Cement

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